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Terms of Use

Introductory provisions

The following Terms of Use govern the use of services provided by LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service, Ritter-von-Schuh-Platz 3, 90459 Nürnberg, registered at HRB Nürnberg 6657 (hereinafter referred to as LECTURA) through the website valuation.lectura.de by third parties (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use").

These Terms of Use are legally binding on the user. The user should carefully read the following Terms of Use before accepting them, because by buying a licence and / or using the services on valuation.lectura.de the user confirms to have read, acknowledged and agreed with the following Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use are valid and effective in their current version, which is published at valuation.lectura.de. LECTURA may modify these Terms of Use at any time for any or no reason. Continued use of the service will signify that the user agrees to any such change.


The founder, owner and operator of the website valuation.lectura.de (hereinafter also referred to as "website") is LECTURA. LECTURA may modify or delete any content of this website at any time without notice, which also includes the right to modify valuation algorithms.

The user is a natural or legal person who is authorized (licensed) by LECTURA to use the service of valuation, analysis and other services, and functionalities (hereinafter referred to as "service") offered on this website.

Access to service on this website is permitted only to holders of a valid license after entering a valid username and password. The price of an access license is determined by the price list of LECTURA at the time of payment, and must be paid in order to establish a user account. The license is granted for a period of 1 year and it is non-transferable to anyone, unless agreed otherwise.

Terms of use

The user is entitled under a single license to carry out a maximum of 50 valuations a day, and no more than 1500 valuations a year (calculated from the date of license activation). Should the user exceed the daily or annual limit, the user's licence will be revoked, the user account will be blocked, and the user will be notified of it. If the account is blocked because of exceeding the limit of the valuations according to hereinbefore, the user has no claim to a refund of the license fee nor to a proportion of the licence fee. Access to the user account will be restored only after another license has been purchased. The term is 12 months and is prolonged by one year unless canceled no later than 3 months before its renewal date.

The user is entitled to use the licence to access the service on this website only on one device at a time (a so-called single version licence). The term device denotes a computer, workstation, terminal, PDA, "Smartphone" or other digital electronic device on which it is possible to access the services on this website. The licence to use the services on this website is given as a whole and its individual components can not be separated for simultaneous use on multiple devices.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality and use of their username and password. The user is prohibited from sharing usernames and / or passwords with an unauthorized user. The user is obliged to inform LECTURA of any unauthorized use of his or her user account immediately.

Any use of this website and / or the services provided at this website and / or any part of it other than for the user's personal use, in particular through the dissemination, copying, collecting, saving, reproducing, further processing, alteration, or acquisition of additional copies posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, is strictly prohibited. Any interference with the subject or technical content of this website is also prohibited. Any other distribution of the services on this website is also prohibited, in particular to license the services, as well as transfer, sell, lease, lend, assign, republish, display, host, outsource or otherwise commercially exploit or make the services available to any unauthorized user in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, "mirroring" or "framing" any part of this website or services or by creating links to internet services, which include login information, usernames, passwords, and / or secure cookies. The upload, posting, reproduction or distribution of any information, software or other material protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right is also prohibited. The user is responsible for ensuring that his or her employees or other authorized persons use the services on this website in accordance with these Terms of Use. Any use other than the user's personal use is considered unauthorized interference with the rights of LECTURA and may also breach the rights of subjects whose work and other intangible assets are included in the content of this website. In the event of any interference into the rights of LECTURA from the above, including the use of automated copying or collecting data, the user's access based on his or her IP addresses will be permanently blocked, without additional activation options. In the event of any infringement on the rights of LECTURA from the above, LECTURA is entitled to compensation for damage.

The database of the technical data and the price of each machine is continuously being updated, which means, in particular, the continuous replenishment or modifying of the function of valuation and other services provided on this website.

All information, data, analyses, valuations, and other information gained on the website must be assessed in relation to the time of their original publication.


The output of the valuation service provided on the website is a certificate (hereinafter referred to as Certificate). It is a PDF document containing specifications of the valuated machine, as well as the result of the valuation (price) calculated by LECTURA as an independent European authority on residual price calculation.

The Certificate is intended exclusively for the user’s own personal use. Any use other than for their own (mainly spreading, publishing, copying, further processing, and modifying) is prohibited and shall be considered an unauthorized violation of the rights of LECTURA, as defined by these Terms of Use.

Beyond the aforementioned, there is a public valuation certificate, which can be used in other ways than for the needs of the user; however, it is not covered by the standard service and/or services provided on the website. If not expressly stated otherwise on the certificate, the result of the valuation is always a certificate intended exclusively for the needs of the user.

The result of the valuation is based on the latest processed data. The data stated in the certificate must always be valuated as of the date on which the valuation is finished, which is stated in the certificate. The data stated in the certificate always corresponds to the machine based on the configuration parameters entered; the machine must be free of any defect that could prevent it from being considered a machine without defects. LECTURA would like to point out that since the input data used in the valuation process is continuously being updated, two valuations taken at different times for the same machine may differ.

LECTURA is not responsible for the information provided by the supplier of the data or for the enforceability of the results of the valuation. The value of the valuation stated in the certificate is the result of market monitoring carried out by LECTURA and is an average value based on different results from various locations. Based on the location and market situation of the selling party, these values may differ from those of LECTURA. The client should not rely on the information stated in this certificate without performing their own valuation of the machine. Even though LECTURA makes every effort to provide correct information, it is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred in relation to the use of or reliance on this valuation certificate. The values stated in the certificate do not include taxes or rights of third parties and are intended exclusively for informational purposes, as stated above.

Prices listed in the certificate, so-called LECTURA prices, are the average residual value of the selected machine, as calculated by LECTURA. This value includes two prices, purchase price and sales price.

Limitations of Liability

The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. LECTURA is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, exactness, reliability, suitability, and topicality of their content and the data published on them, nor for the accuracy, exactness, reliability, and topicality of the results of valuation and other services. Any use of this website is therefore strictly at the user's own risk.

LECTURA guarantees the availability of this website with at least 98% for a period of one calendar year. In the case of repairs or maintenance may result in restrictions on the provision of services, but this time it is not included in the period for calculation of availability according to the above.  In case of need for the planned repairs and maintenance LECTURA will inform the user about the unavailability of services by the automatic e-mail sent at least 24 hours in advance.

LECTURA is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damages of any type or kind (including, but not limited to, consequential damages, incidental damages, lost profits, loss or disclosure of user data, loss of revenue, loss of business information, or any other financial loss) arising from the connection to and use of this website or services, as well as damages arising from their partial malfunction.

LECTURA is not responsible or liable for the obligations of persons whose services are in the form of advertising, publicity, or otherwise indicated on this website, and is not a party to any legal relations which the user enters into with such third parties. LECTURA is not responsible for the veracity, content, and form of advertisements of third parties on this website.

LECTURA is not responsible for the content of websites that are available through the website valuation.lectura.de, or the liabilities of persons who offer, provide, or mediate services on such websites. LECTURA is not responsible for the content of websites from which the user can connect to any LECTURA websites, or the liabilities of persons who offer, provide, or mediate services on such websites.


LECTURA use cookies on these websites. The user can find further information on the cookies that LECTURA use, their purpose and other information in the following link: www.lectura.de.

Protection of personal data

The Privacy Policy of LECTURA defines the conditions for processing personal data the user has provided to LECTURA which LECTURA collects and stores. By using the website and / or services, the user agrees to the processing of his personal data and is responsible for their correctness and currentness.

Privacy Policy is found in the following link: www.lectura.de.

Applicable law

All data, information, and services contained on this website is protected by the law valid in Germany or by corresponding standards of international law, providing mainly copyright and intellectual property rights. Any potential disputes are governed by the jurisdiction of the state courts in Nurnberg, Germany.

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